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Concept of BuildABagg

There’s just something magical about summer.  Whether it is a relaxing day at the beach or lake, weekend trips with the family, backyard barbecues, swimming or boating, with the warm weather and sunny days, we find many reasons to smile.  For us the beach is our second home.  For many years we have been taking weekend trips to the NJ shore and traveling back and forth from Florida.

We just love the beach. 

The beach is a time to relax and unwind.  But with all the gear you have to bring and especially if you have children, this can be a challenge. A good quality beach bag is a necessity. I have had several beach bags and every year I buy a new one because I am never happy with the one I have.

The problems I have had in the past is the fact that the bag plops on the sand, falls over and sand gets in the bag.  Now I love the beach and sand, but not in my bag with towels and food. I also hate when you are sitting too close to the water and that one big wave comes up and gets your stuff completely wet. Ugh! 

Well, we went to work on creating the ultimate beach bag.  It had to be big and durable – built to last.  Comfy, but stylish and trendy. Environmentally friendly and we wanted it to stand upright and not fall over in the sand.  And of course, WATERPROOF.

So, inspired with the bright, fun and flirty colors of summer, BuildABagg created a versatile, practical and trendy beach bag, known as the ‘SunBagg’ and ’BocaBagg’.  Both are great to use at the beach, pool, lake, boat or camping.  It also makes a great bag for hauling groceries home.  They are both multi-functional bags.

We took the concept of Build-A-Bear. So, at BuildABagg, it’s all about customization.  Each one of our customers are unique, so why shouldn’t your bag be as special as you?  It’s all about variety here.  You get to choose.  Transform your bag to fit your personality and style by combining your colors for the bag, handle and liner.  Add a tassel to make your bag unique and complete.

So, go have fun and BuildABagg!


We Give Back

Here at BuildABagg, are passion is Preserving and Saving the Sea Turtles. To show our support and appreciation for these amazing animals, BuildABagg will donate $1 for every bag sold to The National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation in Florida (http://savetheseaturtle.org) .




Kevin and Cheri Schmidt started BuildABagg in 2018.  It is a family run business - small, warm and personal.  Even though BuildABagg just started in 2018, both Kevin and Cheri have an extensive background in start-up companies, taking just an idea, to a concept, to a working prototype and then to actual inventory.  Kevin has over 40 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and Cheri has over 20.  They are both founders of Speed Razor LLC, 360 Products LLC, EncryptIT LLC and Dishwasher Magic LLC.

Kevin gained his expertise in the manufacturing and distribution areas when Dishwasher Magic was founded in 1999.  He identified a market need for an innovative dishwasher cleaning agent and guided the team developing the formulation, patented application and marketing plans to build Dishwasher Magic into a multi-million dollar consumer cleaning product company.  He was responsible for designing the unique product packaging/applicator, supervised formulation of the cleaning solution, and managed all manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, and sales and marketing. 

Cheri brings extensive experience and expertise to the financial side of things.  Her background is in Accounting and Quantitative Methods. Her successful career as CFO, has provided her the business acumen and experience necessary to successfully manage multiple and often conflicting demands on resources and project timelines, while maintaining a direct understanding of cost management and profit maximization.  She is currently the Design Supervisor and Controller for BuildABagg and Speed Razor.

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