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BuildABagg Gives Back

Save The Sea Turtles

We believe in giving back.  On one of our visits to Florida, we saw areas of the beach staked out with caution ribbon and signs that read, ‘Sea Turtle Nest’.  After speaking to one of the volunteers from the Sea Turtle Conservation we were told that only one in a thousand hatchlings survive. 

The turtle’s lay their nest from May to October and 90% of all sea turtle nesting’s take place in Florida.  During this time, you will see nests all over the beach. These nests are protected by state and federal law.

There are several species of turtles that are classified as threatened or endangered. Over the centuries the demand for turtle meat, eggs, shell, leather and oil has greatly reduced their numbers.  Thousands of sea turtles drown in shrimp trawls and other fishing gear and others die from pollutants or from swallowing trash mistaken for food. 

Ways you can help:

  • Reduce marine debris that may entangle or be accidentally eaten by sea turtles
  • Participate in coastal clean-ups
  • When you visit a beach, take your trash with you or dispose of in trash receptacle
  • Carry reusable water bottles and shopping bags
  • Keep nesting beaches dark and safe for the sea turtle- do not disturb
  • Remove beach chairs and umbrellas at night so sea turtles are not turned away
  • Fill in holes and knock down sandcastles before you leave the beach
  • Adopt a Sea Turtle Nest Click Here 

In Fort Lauderdale, street lights get turned off during the nesting months so they do not disorient the baby hatchlings.  If you own beach front property, please use sea turtle friendly lighting. You can also help by closing drapes and blinds, and turn off outdoor lights that are visible on the beach.

There are many organizations that have formed in hopes to save these wonderful sea turtle creatures. 

To show our support and appreciation for these amazing animals, BuildABagg will donate one dollar to The National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation  for every Bagg or Towel sold.

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